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Mark Mattson Ph.D.

This week Mikki talks to one of the original researchers in the field of intermittent fasting (IF) and time restricted eating (TRE), Mark Mattson.

Lara Briden

This week Mikki jumps on the call with Lara Briden, a naturopathic doctor who specialises in women's hormones.

Mal Law - Adventurer and founder of Running Wild

This week Mikki talks to Mal Law, adventurer, fundraiser, storyteller and co-founder of Wild Things, the hub of kiwi trail running where members can find resources that give countless ideas, inspiration and information on where to run.

Dr Cliff Harvey and Dr Dan Plews

Today Mikki chats to Dr Cliff Harvey (a show fave) and Dr Dan Plews on all things geeky nutrition around continuous glucose monitors, beetroot for sports performance, ketogenic diets for endurance athletes, SFuels as a training and race nutrition product and more!

Michelle Yandle - Empowered Eating

This week Mikki talks to nutrition coach, author and educator Michelle Yandle, creator of the Empowered Eating Centre about how indigenous nutrition principles helped her heal her relationship with food, body positivity, and creating a health coaching course.

Dr Ben Bikman - Insulin Resistance

This week Mikki discusses insulin and metabolic health with Dr Ben Bickman, Associate Professor at Brigham Young University (BYU) and lead of the Bikman Lab, which specialises in molecular mechanisms to explain risk of disease that accompanies fat gain.

Lola Berry

This week Mikki sits down and talks to Lola Berry, nutritionist, yogi, author, entrepreneur and all round awesome Aussie chick about life, business, goals and love. Lola is so well known in the nutritionist space but is so much more than that, and we discuss how she has evolved over time, both personally and professionally and what helped drive her ambitions. She is super funny and down to earth, and it was such a great chat. I’m a fan, obviously, and you will be too.

Shaun Collins - The Running Beast

This week Mikki sits down with Shaun Collins, one of New Zealand's ultimate endurance and adventure athletes, event director and creative designer. We talk about his love for the outdoors, what fuels his appetite for his epic challenges, and how he has learnt to train for the mental aspect of pain and suffering, which has ultmately earnt him the name - the running beast.

Dr Tommy Wood

This week Mikki gets to chat to Dr Tommy Wood, about brain health, the problem with the food guidelines and his ancestral approach to health and wellbeing. We discuss: · His journey into Ancestral Health · Principles of ancestral health · Where the dietary guidelines get it wrong · Potential issues around liquid oils (and significance of this for infants) · Omega 3 importance for brain · The developing brain and risk of long term harm – what do we know? · Important things for the ageing and a healthy brain · Importance of protein for optimal health and ageing · Is coffee (or other plants) killing you? · Carnivore movement and glucose response · Glucose response in general · Tommy’s diet and training · Importance of typical habits v being super rigorous · Supplement recommendations

Kathrine Switzer

This week Mikki talks to Kathrine Switzer, the most iconic woman who literally put running for women on the map - nationally and internationally. She is possibly best known for almost being pulled off the course in the 1967 Boston Marathon, but Mikki and Kathrine spend most of the time talking about the challenges and opportunities of being an advocate for women worldwide - it starts with running but, as all runners know, it is so much more than just running.

Fleur Cushman - the science behind blackcurrants

This week Mikki talks to Fleur Cushman, co-founder of CurraNZ, the sister company to Health Currancy Ltd, which produce one of the most exciting supplements on the market today that are produced from New Zealand Blackcurrants. Mikki and Fleur have an in-depth discussion on the existing and emerging research behind the health and performance benefits of taking CurraNZ, and what the science really shows us.

Dr Mark Cucuzzella

This week Mikki talks to Dr Mark Cucuzzella, Professor, physician and Lt Col who advocates for healthier lives and the challenges and opportunities of preventing and treating obesity and type 2 diabetes with a low carbohydrate approach.

Jamie Scott - Seasonality

This week, Mikki chats to Jamie Scott, registered nutritionist (and professional mountain biker coach) about the impact of seasonality, light and dark cycles and the impact this has on our health.

Questions with Cliff - the magic of mushrooms

In this week's episode, Mikki gets Cliff Harvey back on the show to share his knowledge for all things mushrooms. conversation around all things mushrooms. We also talk about nutrition around training, what supplements are worth taking (and why) and supplement timing.

Sara Lake - Intuitive Eating

In this show, Mikki and Sara talk in depth about the 10 principles of intuitive eating (IE), how it fits (or doesn't fit) with diet culture, and the idea of Health at Every Size (HAES).

Dr James O' Keefe

In this episode I talk to cardiologist, Dr James O' Keefe. James is a big proponent of lifestyle interventions to imporve cardiovascular health in athletes and non-athletes alike; defining the "optimal" amount of exercise. We also discuss some dietary supplements to support a healthy heart and his own daily healthy habits.

Anna Frost - From Mountains to Motherhood

In this episode, I talk to my friend Anna Frost; Anna recounts her early years as a professional trail runner, where she found her passion for the mountains, and how motherhood has changed her focus but not her passions in life

Craig Emmerich

Mikki and Craig Emmerich talk all things ketogenic diet in this week's episode of Mikkipedia. Craig is one half of the Emmerich duo and a best-selling author who has worked with thousands of people to help them overcome their health issues and live their best lives.

Dr Susan Kleiner

This week Mikki chats to Dr Susan Kleiner about being at the forefront of performance nutrition for both elite athletes and people just wanting to optimise their lives. Dr Kleiner studied sports nutrition in body building before sports nutrition was even a field, and since then has built a successful nutrition practice and is the go-to for many top level teams.

Stuart Gray - Omega 3s, Muscle Function and Ageing

This week Mikki sits down with Dr Stuart Gray from the University of Glasgow to talk about the impact that omega 3 fatty acids have on muscle health and function in an ageing population (and why it matters).

Nicole Bitter

This week I talk with ultra runner Nicole Bitter; we hooked up just after she took 1st place at the Javelina Jundred with a time of 15hrs 17mins 47secs. The hundred mile trail race forms part of the Ultra Trail World Tour and was held last November in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona.

Brad Kearns

This week I talk to New York Times bestelling author, podcaster, health and wellness expert and former professional triathlete, Brad Kearns. We take a dive into his early professional athletic career, how this laid the foundations for his approach to becoming one of the most respected experts in the health and wellness arena.

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) with Dr Nicky Keay

In this weeks episode I talk to Dr Nicky Keay about RED-S, Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport. How her love of ballet and a career in medicine has provided her with the opportunity to study RED-S and the impact it can have on health and perfomance in athletes from all walks of life

Zach Bitter

Zach Bitter, 100 mile world record holder talks to Mikki about the benefits of strength training, how he builds it into his training schedule alongside 200 mile training weeks, and what it takes to fuel these missions.

Questions with Cliff

In this week's episode, Mikki answers listeners questions with Dr Cliff Harvey related to health and nutrition in the second of a four part series. We talk about the benefits of liver and probiotics; and discuss ketosis, protein intake and MCT supplementation

Frederic Leroy: The politics of red meat

This week Mikki discusses the political and health-related discourse of red meat in the diet with Professor Frederic Leroy, whose research includes human and animal health and wellbeing, as well as elements of tradition and innovation in food contexts.

Dr Eric Helms - Physique Scientist

This week I speak to Dr Eric Helms, one of the smartest guys I know in the space of diet, nutrition, fat loss and strength and conditioning. We take a deep dive into the concepts around energy adaptation, metabolism, fat loss and how he coaches athletes to a lifelong approach to diet. Enjoy!

Chris Kelly - Nourish Balance Thrive

In this week's episode, Mikki talks to Christopher Kelly, co-founder of Nourish Balance Thrive (NBT) and host of the widely popular podcast of the same name. They dive deep into the evolution of his personal approach to health, nutrition and performance and how this influenced his career path from an IT engineer to the creation of the NBT platform that helps individuals optimse their health, wellbeing and longevity.

Cynthia Monteleone

In this week's episode, I speak to Cynthia Monteleone, World Champion 400m runner, Metabolic Analytics Practitioner, almost carnivore athlete and newly published author all about her approach to nutrition, training and health. Enjoy!

Lily Nichols

Welcome to Episode 5! In this week's show I talk to registered Dietitian, Nutritionist, Researcher and Best Selling Author, Lily Nichols about her approach to managing gestational diabetes and how her work has influenced national policies. We discussed the common deficiencies seen in pregnancy, what tests to do early on in pregnancy and nutrients to focus on.