Ending carb confusion with Dr Eric Westman

Welocme to Episode 100! Mikki speaks to Dr Eric Westman, one of the modern day pioneers in the low carbohydrate, ketogenic diet space.
This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Eric Westman, one of the modern day pioneers in the low carbohydrate, ketogenic diet space. Mikki and Dr Westman talk about his introduction to the ketogenic diet through Dr Atkins, and how his curiosity led to clinical research trials that provides an evidence base for low carbohydrate diets as a therapy for a range of conditions, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, GERD, polycystic ovarian syndrome and more. They discuss some of the areas where people go wrong on a ketogenic diet and Dr Westman’s online platform Adapt Your Life where he and his colleagues provide information and education to help people at the grassroots level to change their diet and improve their health outcomes.

Dr Eric Westman is the co-founder of Adapt Your Life® and Adapt Your Life® Academy, an Associate Professor of Medicine at Duke University Health System and the Director of the Duke Keto Medicine Clinic in Durham, North Carolina.

He is Past President of the Obesity Medicine Association and a Fellow of the Obesity Society. In 2010, he was named the Obesity Medicine Association’s “Bariatrician of the Year” for his work in advancing the field of obesity medicine as well as the Society. I am also a recipient of the Society’s Steelman-Seim Educator Award for advancing the cause of healthcare through education and teaching. He graduated from Stanford University (A.B.), University of Wisconsin (M.D.), University of Kentucky and Duke University (M.H.S.). He is board certified in Internal Medicine and Obesity Medicine and has a Master’s Degree in clinical research, with over 90 peer-reviewed publications to his name.

Dr Eric Westman can be found here https://ericwestmanmd.com/

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