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Higher Running - Sandi Nypaver

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to to Sandi Nypaver, ultrarunner, ultrarunner coach and one of the most lovely humans about her life as all of the above in Colorado.

Science update from CurraNZ and giveaway - Fleur Cushman

This week Fleur Cushman, co-founder of CurraNZ, the sister company to Health Currancy Ltd, returns to update us on the latest research using New Zealand Blackcurrants including new findings on exercise induced muscle damage.

Positive effects of protein metabolism with Professor Don Layman

This week on the podcast, Mikki talks to Prof Don Layman about protein metabolism, the truth about the environmental cost of animal protein, protein requirements and considerations for vegetarians. Prof Layman is the OG in the protein world -with over 100 publications and over 5000 citations on the subject, but is so good at distilling the information to the general population.

Dr Cliff Harvey returns to the studio

This week on the podcast, Mikki chats to Mikkipedia regular Dr Cliff Harvey, nutritionist, naturopath, owner of Nutrition Online Store (where my name MIKKI saves you 10% on any purchase) and director of Holistic Performance Institute about the big picture of health in our current state of lockdown. Who knew that we'd still be in this 8 weeks after recording it, but there you have it.

Deena Kastor - let your mind run

This week on the podcast, Mikki speaks to Deena Kastor, 3 time Olympian and multiple champion runner across different race distances and terrains, and author of the fantastic book Let Your Mind Run.

Bevan McKinnon - Fitter Radio

This week on the podcast, as we close out a year of Mikkipedia, Mikki chats to the man that made it all possible, Bevan McKinnon

The misunderstood science of metabolism - Prof. Herman Pontzer

This week on the podcast Mikki talks to Herman Pontzer, anthropologist and author of Burn: the misunderstood science of metabolism.

Protein intake for optimal health with Prof Stu Phillips

This week on the podcast Mikki talks to Stu Phillips a complete guru in the field of protein metabolism and muscle. We discuss protein and ageing, the woefully low protein recommendations (and why they haven't changed), the myths surrounding protein and health (such as kidney health, bone health, longevity) and what Stu recommends is optimal for muscle protein synthesis and ageing.

Mike Wardian - Ultra Runner

This week is competiton time - Mikki speaks to Hoka One One athlete Mike Wardian and it's your chance to win a new pair of Hoka One One running shoes. Mike is one of the world's best ultra distance runners who has really lasted the distance when it comes to training, competing and being a superstar in the sport. They discuss how we has continued to thrive in the sport since his introduction in his college years, and what he attributes his longevity in running to. Such a great conversation for athletes and non-athletes alike.

A holistic psychololgical approach to wellbeing - Dr Karen Faisandier

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and on this week's podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Karen Faisandier, from the Integrative Practice, on chronic stress, the 'endurance phase' of stress and the term languishing.

Optimising health and performance with Dr Dan Plews. Your questions answered

Mikki talks to Dr Dan Plews about life, performance, continuous glucose monitors, HRV, sauna and strength training.

Athletica AI and HIIT with Prof. Paul Laursen

This week on the podcast Mikki chats to Dr Paul Laursen (The Prof) all about his research in high intensity training and his training platform athletica.ai

Metabolic efficiency - Bob Seebohar

This week on the podcast Mikki chats to Bob Seebahor, the dietitian that created the term 'metabolic efficiency' and changed the way we viewed fuel for athletes.

Exogenous ketones for health and performance - with Brianna Stubbs

This week on the podcast Mikki chats to Dr Brianna Stubbs, lead translational scientist at the Buck Institute of Ageing about exogenous ketones for health and performance. Brianna is a guru in this field and it was awesome to talk to her about her athletic career as a British under 23 rowing champion to her academic and professional career investigating ketones in both performance and now in optimal ageing. We also chat about the utility of them in recovery.

Pre-training nutrition strategies with Jeff Rothschild

This week on the podcast Mikki chats to Jeff Rothschild, music producer turned doctoral student about his work in pre-exercise nutrition and exercise adaptations.

Simon Marshall - The Brave Athlete

This week Mikki talks to perfomance psychologist and author of "The Brave Athlete" Simon Marshall

Julia Rucklidge - nutrients for a better brain

This week on the podcast Mikki talks to Professor Julia Rucklidge about her research around mental health and nutrients, and the recently released book The Better Brain. We chatted about how she got into the field, her early discoveries in nutrients and ADHD before turning her attention to post traumatic stress disorder post the Christchurch Earthquakes.

Caryn Zinn - Low Carb Dietitian and co-author of What the Fat.

This week on the podcast I had the pleasure of talking to my friend Caryn Zinn, Senior Lecturer and Registered Dietitian, and co-author of the popular What the Fat book series. We answer your questions related to collagen, options for sweet tooth on a keto diet approach, auto-immune paleo approach for arthritis and a LOT more.

Andrew Koutnik - Type 1 diabetes and an LCHF diet (part 2)

This week on the podcast Mikki brings second part of her conversation with Dr Andrew Koutnik, PhD, researcher at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition,

Andrew Koutnik - Type 1 diabetes and an LCHF diet (part 1)

This week on the podcast Mikki brings part one of the two part conversation she had with Dr Andrew Koutnik, PhD, researcher at the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, about his experience as an adult diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18 years, and discovering a lower carbohydrate approach as the best practice management for that. Andrew is a passionate guy, and that comes across in the interview as they discuss the pitfalls of type 1 diabetes management and why matching insulin to carbohydrate load is not the best way to manage blood sugars. This is the first of two podcasts, as we had a long conversation, but I think it will be a thought provoking (and interesting) one to listen to

Ruth Croft

This week on the podcast Mikki got to catch up with with an amazing woman, NZ runner Ruth Croft - who came 2nd at the Western States 100 mile race just two weeks ago (and 7th overall), her first 100 mile race and on the back of being the outright winner of the Tarawera 102 km race in February this year.

Brodie Kane

This week on the podcast Mikki chats to her mate Brodie Kane (because, really, she is everyone's mate!) This awesome chick has really taken life in her stride, with her journalism career, the surprise push from radio, and the creation of Brodie Kane Media. They talk about how Brodie's upbringing and personality has provided her the platform to go after life. Such a fun conversation which you will also love.

LCHF diets and time restricted eating with Dr Ethan Weiss

This week Mikki speaks to Associate Professor Ethan Weiss from the University of California, San Francisco, about time restricted eating (TRE)

Mark Mattson Ph.D.

This week Mikki talks to one of the original researchers in the field of intermittent fasting (IF) and time restricted eating (TRE), Mark Mattson.

Lara Briden

This week Mikki jumps on the call with Lara Briden, a naturopathic doctor who specialises in women's hormones.

Mal Law - Adventurer and founder of Running Wild

This week Mikki talks to Mal Law, adventurer, fundraiser, storyteller and co-founder of Wild Things, the hub of kiwi trail running where members can find resources that give countless ideas, inspiration and information on where to run.

Dr Cliff Harvey and Dr Dan Plews

Today Mikki chats to Dr Cliff Harvey (a show fave) and Dr Dan Plews on all things geeky nutrition around continuous glucose monitors, beetroot for sports performance, ketogenic diets for endurance athletes, SFuels as a training and race nutrition product and more!

Michelle Yandle - Empowered Eating

This week Mikki talks to nutrition coach, author and educator Michelle Yandle, creator of the Empowered Eating Centre about how indigenous nutrition principles helped her heal her relationship with food, body positivity, and creating a health coaching course.

Dr Ben Bikman - Insulin Resistance

This week Mikki discusses insulin and metabolic health with Dr Ben Bickman, Associate Professor at Brigham Young University (BYU) and lead of the Bikman Lab, which specialises in molecular mechanisms to explain risk of disease that accompanies fat gain.

Lola Berry

This week Mikki sits down and talks to Lola Berry, nutritionist, yogi, author, entrepreneur and all round awesome Aussie chick about life, business, goals and love. Lola is so well known in the nutritionist space but is so much more than that, and we discuss how she has evolved over time, both personally and professionally and what helped drive her ambitions. She is super funny and down to earth, and it was such a great chat. I’m a fan, obviously, and you will be too.