Craig Emmerich

Mikki and Craig Emmerich talk all things ketogenic diet in this week's episode of Mikkipedia. Craig is one half of the Emmerich duo and a best-selling author who has worked with thousands of people to help them overcome their health issues and live their best lives.

This week Mikki sits down with Craig Emmerich to discusss all things ketogenic diets. Craig is one half of the duo that make up Maria Mind Body Health and Keto-Adapt. A former structural engineer, he has spent 15 years researching the best dietary approaches to help optimise health and wellbeing, and has taken that research and, with his wife Maria, coached thousands of people to  better health, in addition to co-authoring a number of best-selling books including the Art of Fat Loss, and Keto: The Complete Guide to Success on The Ketogenic Diet. Craig and Maria put out a heap of free resources and recipes and share their journey of the ketogenic lifestyle with their family.

On today's show, Mikki and Craig discuss
Ketogenic diet pitfalls and where people go wrong
Their approach to a ketogenic diet
A ketogenic diet for children (and why it won't stump growth and development)
Protein sparing modified fasts
Craigs experience with using diet and lifestyle to manage his lyme disease