Sleep Chronotypes and Metabolic Health - with Greg Potter PhD.

This week Mikki talks to Greg Potter, PhD, expert in chronotypes, chronobiology, metabolic health and the impact of sleep on all things health and wellbeing.

Greg Potter, PhD is one of the most sought after consultants in the field of circadian rhythm, sleep and health, and has a breadth of experience in nutrition, metabolism and exercise physiology.  During his undergraduate and Masters degrees he worked as a coach, personal trainer, and sports massage therapist, and he spent much of this time helping improve the performance of strength and power athletes. Between these degrees he did an internship in the sports science and sports medicine department of the Rugby Football Union, helping with injury surveillance, concussion protocols, and nutrition. 
Greg’s academic background includes
* BSc in sport and exercise science, physiology pathway (first class honours), Loughborough University.
* MSc in exercise physiology (distinction), Loughborough University.
* PhD in sleep, nutrition, and metabolism, University of Leeds.
Highlights of Greg’s career so far include coaching a sprinter to four gold medals in his category at the European Championships, having his research featured in dozens of international news outlets, helping the US Naval Special Warfare Command with their health and performance, and guiding the nutrition and sleep strategies of men who broke the Atlantic rowing World Record. 
He is now consulting to individuals, groups and organisations and helping people optimise their health using the knowledge he has gained through both academic and practical experience, and is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Resilient Nutrition, who produce a range of energy nut butters that help boost stamina, bolster your resilience and keep you calm, alert and focused
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