Jamie Scott - Seasonality

This week, Mikki chats to Jamie Scott, registered nutritionist (and professional mountain biker coach) about the impact of seasonality, light and dark cycles and the impact this has on our health.

Mikki and Jamie discuss
  • His entry point into ancestral thinking and living
  • Impact of light at night and dark during the day
  • Light intensity during the day and impact on body's circadian rhythm
  • Melatonin as our darkness hormone
  • How we can optimise our light environment for optimal health

Jamie Scott is a Registered Nutritionist (BSc, BPhEd), Professional Mountain biker coach with postgraduate degrees in Sports Medicine and Nutrition Medicine from the University of Otago. He spent the first decade of post-grad life working as a personal trainer, rehabilitation assistant, and as a nutrition consultant, working with a range of individuals and groups. After leaving the fitness industry, Jamie became a health researcher, writer, and presenter for one of New Zealand’s largest organisational health and well-being companies. He has consulted privately to a number of large New Zealand organisations on health and longevity, and concentrates his time working with clients through his company p3athletica, helping them optimise their health and performance.