Shaun Collins - The Running Beast

This week Mikki sits down with Shaun Collins, one of New Zealand's ultimate endurance and adventure athletes, event director and creative designer. We talk about his love for the outdoors, what fuels his appetite for his epic challenges, and how he has learnt to train for the mental aspect of pain and suffering, which has ultmately earnt him the name - the running beast.
Throughout our conversation we talk about Shaun's :-

Family and upbringing, and his early orienteering years
The benefits of an outdoor lifestyle
Extreme endurance events, including circumnavigating Auckland in 2020
The Revenant - (link: including his nutrition approach leading up to and during the event.
Sleep deprivation, power naps and his hallucinations 
Mental training to manage pain and endurance training (
The next incarnation of the Hillary Ultra - 2022

Shaun can be reached on IG
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