Lola Berry

This week Mikki sits down and talks to Lola Berry, nutritionist, yogi, author, entrepreneur and all round awesome Aussie chick about life, business, goals and love. Lola is so well known in the nutritionist space but is so much more than that, and we discuss how she has evolved over time, both personally and professionally and what helped drive her ambitions. She is super funny and down to earth, and it was such a great chat. I’m a fan, obviously, and you will be too.

Mikki and Lola talk about
·      Her early years in the nutrition space, and how she developed the approach that she is well known for 
·      Her entrepreneurial activities, including the smoothie bar, Lola coffee, and her ambitions in acting
·      How she copes with self doubt and how her confidence has built over time
·      Her next steps in her career, including plans for America
·      Who inspires her
Lola Berry is a nutritionist, author, accredited yoga teacher, content creator, presenter, speaker, podcaster and entrepreneur. She’s an awesome Aussie chick who is genuinely interesting and interested in people, hence her podcast, along with being super funny and kind.
Lola’s has a Bachelor of Health Science she completed at Endeavour College of Natural Health, where she majored in Nutritional Medicine. She is the author of a number of best selling books including Inspiring Ingredients, The 20/20 Diet, The 20/20 Diet Cookbook, Lola Berry’s Little Book of Smoothies and Juices, The Happy Cookbook, The Happy Life, Lola Berry’s Summer Food, Food to Make You Glow, Beauty Food and The Yoga Body. She has another book that is to be released in September of this year which is a bit of a personal memoir and self development, so watch this space.
In addition to the above, she cofounded a successful smoothie bar before launching Lola Coffee, a mix of specialty instant coffee and lions mane (which is delicious, btw). For the last couple of years Lola’s love of acting and presenting has her honing in on further developing these skills through acting classes and, if that isn’t enough, she has just surpassed 100 episodes of Fearlessly Failing with Lola Berry – an interview podcast about failures with guests including Megan Gale, Georgia Love and Olivia White. Lola loves to interview people about the lessons and failures that have ultimately led to people's success. It’s the “not so shiny times'' that actually shape us and make us stronger.