LCHF diets and time restricted eating with Dr Ethan Weiss

This week Mikki speaks to Associate Professor Ethan Weiss from the University of California, San Francisco, about time restricted eating (TRE)

Mikki and Ethan talk about how he became interested in studying time restricted eating (TRE) as a cardiologist. He talks about his introduction to low carbohydrate diets for type 2 diabetes (and his role as an advisor at Virta Health ( which changed his mind about the efficacy of low carbohydrate approaches for type 2 diabetes. Ethan describes his own n=1 experience of changing to a low carbohydrate diet and transitioning to TRE as a tool for weight loss, and how this spurred his interest in investigating the usefulness of TRE in a real world setting. They discuss what the trial was designed to show, what the (surprising) results were, and what oculd have accounted for them. They then go on to talk about future studies (the one that Dr Weiss discusses is now published, see below).

Dr. Ethan Weiss is a cardiologist whose special interests include preventive cardiology, the genetics of coronary disease, risk assessment for heart conditions and heart disease in the young.

In his research, Weiss uses genetic models to better understand the mechanisms of metabolic disorders linked to heart disease, such as obesity, fatty liver disease and diabetes. He also studies the blood clotting system, seeking to identify novel ways to safely block clots associated with heart attack and stroke without causing an increase in bleeding.

Weiss earned his medical degree at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. He completed an internship and a residency on the Osler Medical Service of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He came to UCSF in 1998 as a cardiology fellow.

Associate Professor Ethan Weiss
The TREAT study (his TRE study as discussed in this episode)
His new study looking at a Mediterranean ketogenic diet