Answering your questions with Cliff Harvey PhD. and Bella Nutritionist

In this week's episode, Mikki answers your questions with Dr Cliff Harvey and Bella Marinkovich related to health and nutrition in the first of a four part series. In today's episode we answer the following two questions from Tania and Debi: 1. Tania Hi Mikki, I just bought an BCAA & EAA recovery powder. I’ve been taking it before a work out, do I still need protein powder after? Does it go of your weight how much you have? 2. Debi Hi Mikki, I've never been a coffee drinker, but appreciate the benefits of a caffeine hit, esp prework out. any suggestions for getting the hit from other sources please?
Cliff Harvey, PhD, is New Zealand’s expert on the effects of a ketogenic diet in a healthy population, but so much more than that. He has been  helping people to live healthier, happier lives, and to perform better since starting in clinical practice (way back...) in the late 1990s. Over this time he has been privileged to work with many Olympic, professional, Commonwealth and other high performing athletes. He has also worked with many people to overcome the effects of chronic and debilitating health conditions. Along the way he has founded or co-founded many successful businesses in the health, fitness and wellness space, including the Nutrition Store Online and Holistic Performance Institute, NZ’s leading certification and diploma for health, nutrition, health coaching and performance that has many of the world experts teaching on the course, so students are learning from the best.
Cliff has  over 20 years experience as a strength and nutrition coach and, in addition to his PhD research, he is a Registered Clinical Nutritionist, qualified Naturopath (Dip.Nat – NCNZ) and holds a diploma in Fitness Training (AUT) and Health Coaching in Patient Care.
Bella Marinkovich (a qualified clinical nutritionist) keeps a lower profile than Cliff, but is equally known and respected for her gentle guidance and practical application of holistic nutrition in the real world. In her day job she is the marketing and content manager for Holistic Performance Institute, and also the CFO of Nutrition Store Online. 
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