Caryn Zinn - Low Carb Dietitian and co-author of What the Fat.

This week on the podcast I had the pleasure of talking to my friend Caryn Zinn, Senior Lecturer and Registered Dietitian, and co-author of the popular What the Fat book series. We answer your questions related to collagen, options for sweet tooth on a keto diet approach, auto-immune paleo approach for arthritis and a LOT more.

Specific topics include

Born and bred in Cape Town, Caryn obtained her qualification as a dietitian in 1995 from the University of Cape Town after studying a Bachelor of Science degree, followed by a Nutrition & Dietetics, Honours degree. Since moving to New Zealand in 1995, she has obtained my Masters degree in sports nutrition and my Doctorate in the area of weight loss. She works at AUT as a senior lecturer and nutrition researcher, and continues to maintain her thriving private practice nutrition work. Caryn is also a co-author of the successful book series What the Fat.
What the Fat: