Optimising health and performance with Dr Dan Plews. Your questions answered

Mikki talks to Dr Dan Plews about life, performance, continuous glucose monitors, HRV, sauna and strength training.
This week on the podcast Mikki talks to Dr Dan Plews  about life, performance, continuous glucose monitors, HVR, sauna, strength  training and optimising wellbeing (among other things). They answer your questions about all of the aforementioned and about his EndureIQ courses and online community, and his TriQ app, a new training platform (June 2002 ADDENDUM - Dan is no longer invilved in TriQ app). This is a long one, perfect for your longer training session (though not just for athletes) and drops Wednesday. I also have a giveaway attached, which you will hear throughout the podcast and see on my social media pages. Please, if you enjoy the podcast, subscribe and leave a review :-)

Dan Plews is an Applied Sport Scientist, Researcher, Coach and competitive Triathlete. As an applied Sports Scientist, Dan has worked closely with athletes who have won more than 25 World and Olympic titles in sports including rowing, kayak and triathlon. Dan was part of Rowing New Zealand’s preparations for both 2012 and 2016 in Olympic Games as a Sports Scientist.

As a Researcher Dan has a PhD in Exercise Physiology with a particular interest in heart rate variability and 30 peer reviewed publications to his name. As a Coach, Dan has coached three professional Ironman Triathletes to sub 8 hour times including Terenzo Bozzone, Jan Van Berkel and Tim Van Berkel.  Recently Dan founded endureiq.com an online learning hub for anyone interested in optimal long course Triathlon performance and a third course to go live is all about heat training and acclimation. He was also the high performance manager for the recently successful Team New Zealand bid for the America's Cup.

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