Phil Maffetone returns to talk about metabolic efficiency

This week on the podcast, Mikki is stoked to have a second opportunity to talk to Dr Phil Maffetone, one of the OG in the low carbohydrate/fat adaptation space.

 We talk about how he discovered the power of the low carbohydrate diet and aerobic training for health and performance, and his practical tips to help you adapt to a different approach. Even if you've heard Phil before (or are well versed in his MAF method), it is always good to have the opportunity to hear from the pioneers in a particular topic.
Schooled in physiology, kinesiology and nutrition, Dr Phil Maffetone is one of the most sought after practitioners for health and performance, having worked with world class athletes and entrepreneurs, musicians and others, helping them achieve better health and world class performances. Including Mark Allen, six-time Hawaii Ironman Triathlon Champion. Dr. Maffetone has also worked with other endurance athletes of all types, professional baseball and football players, adventurers, NASCAR drivers, and Olympic medallists in a variety of sports. He is an internationally recognized researcher, educator, clinician and author in the field of nutrition, exercise and sports medicine, and biofeedback.
Phil Maffetone created the MAF method, which stands for Maximum Aerobic Function and combines exercise, nutrition and stress to build your aerobic system, the fat-burning engine responsible for fuelling all of the body’s needs. 
Free resources related to MAF and the execution of it, among other blogs and research papers full of practical information can be found on his website.
Phil Maffetone: