Cynthia Monteleone

In this week's episode, I speak to Cynthia Monteleone, World Champion 400m runner, Metabolic Analytics Practitioner, almost carnivore athlete and newly published author all about her approach to nutrition, training and health. Enjoy!

CM (Cynthia) Monteleone is a wife and mother of three children who is based in Maui, Hawaii. She is a certified Metabolic Analytics Practitioner with many world-class level athletes as clients. However, she works with all levels of clients to help them preform in life at their optimal level. Whether it be weight loss, hormonal balance or getting strong, Cynthia can offer the best advice and protocols, based on the learnings from her mentor, Charles Poliquin. Cynthia also coaches Track and Field at the high school and club levels
Cynthia is a World Champion Track Athlete who specializes in the 400 meters. She competes for Team USA in Masters Athletics. She is also a 2018 National Champion in the 200 meters, 400 meters, 4x 200 (national record), 4 x 100 (national record), and 4 x 400 (national record) relays. In addition, she anchored the World Champion Gold medal record setting 4 x 400 Team UA team in 2018.  She was both a National and World Champion in 2019, and primarily does this off a diet that is animal protein and nuts, bringing in seasonal berries and vegetables in her off-season training, but never straying far from the course.
Cynthia’s warmth and openness comes through in this interview and it was a delight to talk to her. We discussed
·        Her journey from an average track athlete as a teenager to a world champion at 43 years
·        The metabolic analytics approach she uses with her clients
·        The ancestral diet of Hawaiian people and of Pacific people and the devastating effects of the modern diet
·        Being strong as a woman, and the importance of sprinting and muscle as we age
·        Her training and dietary approach now compared to her earlier years.

We also talk about her book which was published just last week, and this link takes you to the signed copy, and is a part memoir, part training guide for people of all abilities. It would make the best Christmas gift. 
Charles Poliquin: