Keto v carbs with Matt Carpenter

This week on the podcast Mikki talks to Matt Carpenter about low carb, exogenous ketones and his research on the practical application with athletes.

Matt's research explores both the physiological and qualitative aspects of a low carb/keto approach through a series of interviews in addition to his laboratory studies. We talk about how the research findings compare to the real-world experience and what we can take away from it. Matt is super enthusiastic and a wealth of information. Click here for the link to previous podcasts.

Matt enrolled at Kingston University in 2014 to complete a BSc in Sport Science, achieving first class honours. Following this he completed an MSc in Sport and Exercise (performance), also at Kingston University, achieving a distinction. During his masters degree, he completed a research project entitled 'Acute Carbohydrate Supplementation Improves Ultra-Endurance Performance in a Keto-adapted Individual.'
He began his PhD at Kingston University in 2018, in order to further investigate the role of ketogenic and low carbohydrate dietary interventions on health and exercise performance, in addition to addressing the role of acute supplementation in ketogenic athletes, and the impact this has on substrate metabolism and exercise performance.