Better body composition, better health - Dr Bill Campbell Ph.D.

Mikki talks to Dr Bill Campbell about diet breaks, intermittent fasting and protein for better health, fat loss and body composition
Dr. Bill Campbell is one of the leading researchers in the physique world. Dr. Bill Campbell is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science and the Director of The Performance and Physique Enhancement Lab at the University of South Florida. He has his PhD in Exercise, Nutrition, and Preventive Health, he's authored 3 books on sports nutrition and over 150 scientific abstracts and manuscripts focused on the topics of sports nutrition and exercise science and is previous president of the international society of sports nutrition.

We talk all about his research into diet breaks, intermittent versus continuous dieting, the importance of protein for fat loss for women (in combination with resistance training) and much more.

Dr Campbell uses his education background to provide an informational channel on IG that busts myths on dieting and helps inform people on best practice. Highly worth a follow.

Intermittent dieting v continuous dieting