Tom Williams (Marathon Talk, Park Run COO) on building community and connections through running

This week on the podcast Mikki sits down and talks to Tom Williams, COO of Parkrun and former Marathon Talk co-host, about building community and connection through running.
Tom Williams is Parkrun's Global Chief Operating Officer the incredible successful charity that provides free timed 5km runs for people around the world. At the time of recording Parkrun has had 60 million interactions of participants or volunteers with an average of 200 people in each event each week, supporting people to run over 200 million kms in total. Tom shares with us the spirit, culture and ethos of inspiring people to exercise through Parkruns, and the impact the pandemic had on Parkrun and why it is potentially more important now to participate.

Tom was also co-host of Marathon Talk with Martin Yelling, the incredibly successful podcast, up until 2019 and then stepped down to focus on his role at Parkrun. Marathon Talk just retired at 600 episodes, and we spoke on the eve of the release of this episode in mid January, and the impact the inception and ongoing commitment to Marathon Talk had on Tom’s wellbeing.

Tom Williams can be found at: