Mikki Williden

Mikki Williden

Appears in 14 Episodes

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy with Dr Greg Brown

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Greg Brown, medical director at Wellington Hyperbarics, all about hyperbaric oxygen therapy (or HBOT).

Hormones and health with Dr Nicky Keay

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Nicky Keay about her new book Hormones, Health and Human Performance.

Managing Chronic Pain with Professor Howard Schubiner

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Professor Howard Schubiner, mind-body medicine practitioner, all about pain.

Priority micronutrients - with Ty Beal, PhD

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Ty Beal, Research Advisor on the Knowledge Leadership team at the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition about nutrient densit...

Quantum medicine for health prevention with Dr Michael Twyman

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr. Michael Twyman, a cardiologist specialising in functional and quantum medicine to investigate prevention and treatments f...

Training world champion Chelsea Sodaro - with Dan Plews

This week on the show I speak to Dan Plews about Funky Trunkies, protein metabolism and of course Chelsea Sodaro - who blew up the podium at the Hawaii Ironman Triathl...

Exploring irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut and the gut brain axis with Prof. Eamonn Quigley

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Prof Eamonn Quigley, all about Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and what we know and don’t know about the dietary and supplement...

Health and wellness advocate Art Green

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Art Green, best known as the first NZ Bachelor, now health and wellbeing advocate, podcast and TV host, husband to Matilda and...

Kona Special - Bonus Episode 3 - Rob Dallimore previews the womens field at the Ironman World Champs

Rob Dallimore gives his opinion of this years potential medal contenders in the womens Ironman World Champs on the eve of the race

Kona Special - Bonus Episode 2 - Grant Schofield talks fat adaption for Ironman

Mikki and Grant bring this bonus episode from the Ironman World Champs and Grant talks about his own fat loss protocol to get into shape to run with Mikki, as well as ...

Life on the trails with Jeff Pelletier

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Jeff Pelletier, ultra-distance trail runner and filmmaker, member of the Team Salomon Canada, and a prolific content creator ...

Kona Special - Bonus Episode 1 - Rob Dallimore talks tech

This is the first in a week of special episodes of Mikkipedia all around the Ironman World Championship triathlon 2022 in Kona. In this episode Mikki chats to Rob ...

Cold water immersion with Dr Heather Massey

This week I’m diving into the science of cold water swimming with Dr Heather Massey

Dr Cliff Harvey and Dr Dan Plews

Today Mikki chats to Dr Cliff Harvey (a show fave) and Dr Dan Plews on all things geeky nutrition around continuous glucose monitors, beetroot for sports performance, ...