Obesity, metabolism and mitochondrial health - Dr Vyvyane Loh

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Vyvyane Loh, board certified physician specialising in obesity and internal medicine. But Vyvyane is so much more than that. She is a dancer, a choreographer and an award winning fiction writer. Mikki and Dr Loh go into the depths of obesity, what the ‘problem’ is that the body is trying to solve when somebody stores excess body fat. They discuss the different types of body fat (including visceral fat and what the problem is with it), the interaction between adipose tissue and the immune system and also talk about how Vyvyane’s work in her obesity clinic when the 2020 pandemic hit, and what she did when she discovered that her patients would be at higher risk. Vyvyane is passionate, charming and so so brilliant. You’ll love this podcast.

Dr Loh is board-certified in Obesity Medicine and Internal Medicine. She graduated from Boston University School of Medicine and trained at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, where she also served as Chief Resident.

Dr Loh worked at HMR and was the medical obesity specialist at Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Centre for Weight Loss Surgery before starting her own practice. Her other achievements include choreography and writing.

She was the recipient of the Bunting/Radcliffe Fellowship in Fiction in 2006, a Guggenheim Fellow in Fiction in 2008, and shortlisted for the 2005 international IMPAC Award in Literature. Her diverse skills support her commitment to celebrating the full range of our humanity in an increasingly technological and disembodied world through art and the healing sciences.

Dr Loh has a you tube channel and podcast with information on obesity and metabolism that is worth checking out. It’s called vlmd rounds – : https://vyvyanelohmd.com/