Utilising a health restoration diet with David Mathas

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dave Mathas, fat loss and metabolic health specialist at Team Biolayne, about a health restoration diet, or the diet after the diet. Commonly referred to as a reverse diet, David discusses what IS a health restoration diet (and how it differs from standard dieting), who is it for, what the benefits (and potential downsides) are of it, what some of the common mistakes people make when they embark on this approach, and how to approach it in a sustainable way. They also discuss expectations around the outcomes. This is a great listen for anyone who is interested in fat loss or who coaches fat loss. 

David is an Army Combat Medic Veteran who served overseas in Iraq from 2010-2011. After finishing his career in the military, he went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science from The University of South Florida, where he studied under Dr. Bill Campbell.  During his time at USF, David was a member of a number of research teams that have published peer-reviewed studies looking at metabolic rates and muscle recovery.

David started as an intern with Layne Norton in 2017 and worked himself up to being the first ever Team Biolayne coach, and in 2020 he wrote and published the Amazon Best Seller, ‘A Shell of Myself.’ David’s approach as a coach combines evidence-based practices with real-world application to find the perfect blend that fits his client’s lifestyle, preferences, and goals. In David’s spare time he really enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, riding his horse, being outdoors, and listening to music. 

David has experience working with all different clients for all different goals such as fat loss, reverse diet, muscle building, maintenance, lifestyle, and contest prep

IG handle https://www.instagram.com/coachdavidmathas/?hl=en
Biolayne https://biolayne.com/coach/david-mathas/