Glucose metabolism and continuous glucuse monitor use in sport - Amy-Lee Bowler PhD.

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Amy Lee Bowler, PhD Candidate, sports nutritionist, and registered dietitian about the use of CGMs for athletes. We discuss glucose metabolism and what impacts glucose use outside of just the food we eat and the sporting contest. We discuss what CGM measures, and what it might be able to tell us about fuelling for the athlete (or not). We discuss the strengths and limitations of CGM in the athlete context and where Amy feels the application for this is going. We also discuss a recent paper from her PhD looking at dietitian practices at assessing for energy availability in athletes and the key considerations her research found.

Amy is a seasonal dietetics tutor and teaching fellow at Bond University. Her research seeks to understand the current current practice pathways and subsequent dietary management used by sports dietitians when assessing and managing energy availability in athletes. Her PhD research ultimately aims to support sports dietitians managing energy availability in elite triathletes

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