Nutrition for teenagers - Kira Sutherland

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Australian naturopath and sports nutritionist, Kira Sutherland, about nutrition for teenagers. They discuss some of the misconceptions that parents / coaches might have around the importance of sports nutrition for kids of this age. They discuss soma types and how this might play into the expectations of parents and kids for their performance goals, blood biomarkers and what this may tell us about health and performance. They also talk practical tips as to how to help kids meet their nutrition goals when their busy lives leave them with little time to think about what to eat. 

Kira Sutherland is an Australian Naturopath and Sports Nutritionist with more than 25 years in clinical practice. Her focus in performance nutrition led her to be the first Naturopath in Australia to undertake the International Olympic Committees diploma in sports nutrition. She is also the 2019 winner of the BioCeuticals Integrative Medicine Award for Excellence in practice (Nutrition/Dietetics).
Kira divides her time between clinical practice, university lecturing, speaking at conferences around the world, and mentoring practitioners of complementary medicine in the application of holistic sports nutrition. In her free time, she competes in endurance sport and skis with her family as much as possible.

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