Impossible to possible with explorer and enduarnce athlete Ray Zahab

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Ray Zahab, Canadian explorer, expedition leader, ultra marathoner, and creator of Impossible to Possible. Ray shares his story on how he found his way to the pursuit of the ‘impossible’ after feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied with the direction of his life. This has led to his exploration of extreme environments, and extreme undertakings as a test of his personal and physical limits. They discuss Impossible to possible, a charity set up to provide kids the opportunity to experience the outdoors, and Ray’s most recent undertaking, his cancer diagnosis and how he has navigated this. Ray is just the best human, and you’re really going to enjoy this conversation.

Ray can be found at
Impossible to possible

Ray has been recognized as one of Canada’s top explorers, he has done a solo expedition across the Arctic, an expedition in Baffin island, Trans Namibia, and more
Ray trains and strives to have extraordinary experiences in the world. 

He's the author of Running for My Life, a story of his metamorphosis from a pack-a-day smoker to an endurance athlete capable of such extreme feats as a 7,500 kilometer run across the Sahara. His treks are driven by an intense personal feeling for the environment; the Sahara trek, for instance, highlighted the worldwide challenge of water.

Ray is the founder of Impossible2Possible, and sits on the board of directors of the Ryan's Well Foundation and ONExONE Foundation. 

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