The role of satiety in weight loss - Dr Ted Naiman

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Ted Neiman, science communicator and whole food diet expert, all about protein and satiety. They talk about how Ted became interested in nutrition (from a vegetarian background) and how his patients opened his eyes to the various ways which with we could use diet to arrive at optimal health outcomes. They discuss how Ted’s approach has evolved from protein:energy ratio to encompass much more around satiety related to other factors (fibre, micronutrients, and the hedonic nature of food). Ted outlines the satiety per calorie index (his new book is focused on) and why this could be the best tool to determine the best approach with regards to food (as they iron out a few wrinkles). They also discuss the biomarkers that Ted is most interested in when ordering tests for his patients, personal fat threshold and how this relates to health, and other topics which are in the realm of metabolic health. An insightful conversation!

Dr. Ted Naiman, MD, is the Senior Science and Communication Advisor at Diet doctor and  a board-certified Family Medicine physician in the department of Primary Care at a leading major medical center in Seattle. His research and medical practice are focused on the practical implementation of diet and exercise for health optimization. He has an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering and utilizes engineering principles when dealing with complex systems such as human health and nutrition. He is the author of ‘The PE Diet’

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