Exploring the mechanisms and effects of Curranz - Dr Sam Shepherd

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Sam Shepherd, Senior Lecturer in exercise and sports nutrition at Liverpool John Moores University, all about uncovering the mechanisms behind the Curranz supplement. Sam is a lead researcher in that field and, while Mikki has spoken a couple of times to Fleur Cushman, who is director of Health Currency, the company behind the Curranz supplement, Mikki wanted to talk to those who are in the lab and analysing the data. 

Sam and Mikki speak about both the performance and the health applications of the supplement, and how Sam sees its potential for athletes and the general population alike. Importantly, Sam talks about his skeptical science mind when hearing about the supplement, and how he is excited now for the future work to be conducted to understand further how the supplement can help. They kick off the episode though by talking about the wider team that Sam works with investigating the concept of ‘fuel for the work required’ and how our understanding of fuelling the athlete has changed over time. It’s a wide reaching conversation that you are going to enjoy, athlete and health enthusiast alike.

Dr Sam Shepherd (Senior Lecturer in Sport & Exercise Nutrition) is an academic staff member with teaching duties. Sam’s research aims to develop exercise and/or nutritional strategies to 1) improve cardio-metabolic health and insulin sensitivity in at-risk populations (metabolic syndrome, type I and type II diabetes, aging), and 2) maximise the metabolic adaptations to acute and chronic exercise training. Contributing to achieving these aims is a large body of work that focuses on understanding the molecular regulation of skeletal muscle lipid metabolism. Sam is also an expert in the use of immunofluorescence microscopy and transmission electron microscopy, methods which are integral to previous and ongoing research studies.

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