LCHF diets for Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease - Dr Amy Goss

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Amy Goss, assistant professor and researcher about nutritional intervention for fatty liver disease - specifically, a low carbohydrate approach. Mikki and Dr Goss talk about what is NAFLD, how it develops and the problem with fatty liver disease in a paediatric population. They discuss Dr Goss’ research that shows a low carbohydrate intervention effectively reduces fatty liver disease in both children and adults, and the importance of diet quality. They also discuss some other projects Dr Goss has been involved in with regards to waist circumference and insulin resistance (and LCHF as an approach) and the surprising finding of how fattening French fries might be compared to almonds.

Dr. Goss is an Assistant Professor of Nutrition Sciences at UAB, a Register Dietitian, and an early career investigator with expertise in conducting randomized clinical trials to examine the effects of diet quality and macronutrient composition on risk factors of chronic metabolic diseases such as obesity, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and type 2 diabetes. The goal of her research is to identify effective, sustainable, and non-invasive dietary means of preventing and reversing disease with metabolic origins. Dr. Goss specializes in MRI and MRS techniques for the assessment of fat distribution and organ lipid content in adult and pediatric populations. She recently has conducted studies using a family-based, controlled feeding experimental design aimed at improving outcomes in children with NAFLD.

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