Metabolic adaptations in weightloss with Dr Catia Martins

This week on the podcast I speak to Dr Catia Martins about metabolic adaptation and weight loss. Catia has spent her research career answering questions around why some people experience a greater reduction in basal metabolic rate (BMR) than others when they lose weight, and how this impacts on overall weight loss success and the timing of that success. She has also studied the effects of the ketogenic diet on weight loss and how ketosis may impact this relationship. This is such a great conversation and, while a bit scientific, is interesting for general audience and practitioner/scientist alike.

Dr. Martins has been investigating over the past almost 20 years how exercise and energy restricted diets impact on energy balance and body weight homeostasis, in particular their impact on appetite control. 

She holds a first degree (honor) in Nutrition and Dietetics from Oporto University (Portugal), a M.Sc. in Clinical Nutrition (distinction) from Roehampton University, London (UK) and a Ph.D. from University of Surrey (UK). She has received an awards from the British Nutrition Society in 2007 and Association for the Study of Obesity (ASO) in 2008 in recognition of her research on the effects of exercise on appetite control.
In 2008, after completion of her Ph.D., she was awarded a Post Doctoral fellowship (from FCT, Portugal) to investigate the effects of exercise-induced weight loss on appetite-related peptides and motivation to eat in individuals with obesity, at NTNU, under the mentorship of Prof. John Blundell (University of Leeds, UK). Two years later, in 2010, Dr. Martins was awarded a research grant from Central Norway Regional Health Authority/NTNU to lead a project on “High-intensity intermittent training to maximize metabolic and cardiovascular protection in individuals with obesity” in collaboration with Dr. Neil King (Queensland University of Technology, Australia) and Prof. Linda Morgan (University of Surrey, UK).

She is at the moment at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) investigating the physiology of the reduced-obese state in collaboration with Dr. Barbara Gower, Dr. Gary Hunter and Dr. James Hill. Dr. Martins is particularly interested in understanding the phenomenon of  metabolic adaptation (a reduction in energy expenditure below predicted levels) and its clinical relevance.
Dr. Martins has published several original papers and reviews on the impact of exercise and energy restricted diets (namely ketogenic diets) on appetite control and energy metabolism and is a regular speaker at the European Congress of Obesity.

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