Exogenous ketones for sleep, cognition and recovery - Chiel Poffé

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Chiel Poffé about his research in exogenous ketones

Chiel is one of the lead researchers that has investigated ketone esters and their role in both sleep and recovery for endurance athletes. Mikki and Chiel discuss ketones as the fourth macronutrient, what their role is in the body, and what application they have for the athlete.

Chiel’s research was one of the first to look at exogenous ketones for recovery (and subsequently products such as SFuels use ketones as part of their recovery fuel). More recent research that Chiel is involved in assessed their application beyond this, looking at both sleep and performance. It appears the appetite affects of ketones can enhance the ability for athletes doing back to back trainings and Long days meet their energy needs when appetite would otherwise be suppressed.
They also discuss ketones during ultra endurance events and the results of their research on cognitive function.

Chiel Poffé is Postdoctoral Researcher Exercise and Muscle Physiology at University of Leuven in Belgium, his research interests in this field include exogenous ketones, recovery, and adaptation and how these can be used to enhance these aspects of an athletes training cycle.

Chiel is most active on Twitter: https://twitter.com/chiel_poffe?lang=zh-Hant

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