Training or Overtraining? with Dr Jonathon Weakley

This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Johnathon Weakley about training. They discuss resistance training, and if heavy or light load is superior for gains, they talk about the importance of sleep for the athlete and the role of exercise at mitigating some of these risks, and also discuss overtraining and Johnathon’s own experience as a young athlete which spurred him into researching and writing on the topic.

Dr Jonathon Weakley is a lecturer at ACU and an associate research fellow at Leeds Beckett University (UK). Dr Weakley completed a PhD and post-doctorate position working alongside the Rugby Football Union. His primary area of research is in the topics of strength and power development, youth and team sports, and he has over 50 peer-reviewed publications on the topics of strength and conditioning and sports science. He currently supervises several PhD students and consults for professional sports teams and technology companies.

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