Marty Kendall returns to talk about macronutrient optimisation and satiety

This week on the podcast I have returning guest Marty Kendall, creator of Nutrient Optimiser, back on to talk micronutrients and satiety. Marty originally came on back in Episode 120 to talk more broadly on his work in creating Nutrient Optimiser and helping people understand the importance of micronutrients. This time around, on the back of my conversation with Ted Naiman, we discuss the important role that micronutrients have on satiety. We discuss his data figuring out factors that help people lose weight and keep it off on either a low carb OR a low fat diet, the important role of fibre for keeping calories lower (by a substantial amount), the types of foods to focus on that provide nutrients and satiety regardless of dietary leaning, and much more.

Marty Kendall is an engineer who seeks to optimise nutrition using a data-driven approach.  
Marty‚Äôs interest in nutrition began eighteen years ago to help his wife Monica better control her Type 1 Diabetes.  
Since then, he has developed a systematised approach to nutrition tailored for a wide range of goals, contexts and preferences.  
Over the past five years, Marty shared his research at
He has developed Nutrient Optimiser and Data-Driven Fasting to guide thousands of people on their journey towards nutritional optimisation.

Marty can. Be found here:
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