Strength training as a fat loss tool - Darren Ellis

This week on the podcast Mikki chats to returning guest Darren Ellis, Strength and Conditioning coach about strength training on a fat loss approach and why it is important. They discuss what constitutes strength training, why progression is important, and how to optimise your approach for your lifestyle.

Darren is the S and C expert on Mondays Matter, which kicks off Monday 25 September - registration starts on Thursday 14th September.

Darren Ellis, MSc, has an aim to share what he’s learned with as many people as possible, teaching them that there are no shortcuts with exercise, but that it can be achievable, and even fun, with good coaching and a supportive peer group. 

He is a regular contributor to a variety of popular print and web based health and fitness magazines, public speaker, and consultant to sporting organisations, businesses, universities and television.

Specialties: Strength training and nutrition for fitness, sport, weight loss, muscle gain, longevity.

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