SFuels - fueling you for the work required with Leighton Phillips

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Leighton Phillips, founder of the world-leading, Low-Carb, High Fat nutrition company that supports endurance performance, SFuels.

They discuss the development of SFuels, (with Leighton searching for but not being able to find products that weren’t full of sugar) and how they continue to evolve the product based on feedback from the likes of Dr Dan Plews and Zach Bitter, to help endurance athletes optimise their health and performance - because you can do both. Mikki and Leighton discuss the high carb intakes recommended by other sports nutrition companies, why this isn’t ideal for all in all scenarios, and why Fuels has adopted a ‘fuel for the work required’ - helping athletes both upregulate fat oxidation and provides carbs where required. They also discuss the innovative ingredient list in some products that are based in research as they continue to refine their offerings. This is a great episode for anyone interested in sports nutrition, whether you lean the low carbohydrate route or not (as these products are not just designed for the low carbohydrate athlete).

Leighton Phillips studied both naturopathy and computer science before starting SFuels in 2016 while working in Hong Kong and looking for a product to help reduce inflammation that occurred through training that was hampering his recovery. What started with one energy bar has grown into a portfolio of everyday low-carb/keto food-drink products that support enhanced fat oxidation training, and a product set and protocol for high-intensity interval training and racing. Beyond their awesome Blueberry Cocoa bars, they have  a Keto 3 Breakfast Cereal, a Revival recovery chocolate shake mix, Gel Powder (mix with water), and multiple flavors of Endurance Drink mix’s. SFuels nutrition trains metabolic flexibility, which is the ability to burn fat and carbohydrate efficiently, for optimal energy, faster recovery and long-term wellness. It’s all about leveraging the Right Fuel. Right Time ™ to match aerobic and anerobic intensity.