Transforming Type 1 Diabetes: A Low Carbohydrate Journey with RD Dikeman

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to RD Dikeman, about low carbohydrate diets for people with type 1 diabetes. They discuss how RD’s life was turned upside down when his son Dave was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013 and how the discovery of Dr Richard Bernstein’s book ‘The Diabetes Solution’  transformed the management of Dave’s condition, helped improve RD’s own health, and was the catalyst for RD to take on the job of making the information of how to adopt a low carbohydrate approach accessible. He’s responsible for setting up the Type 1 Grit group (of which there is now published data on the success of these individuals), and for hundreds of hours of interviews with Dr Bernstein (who has himself managed his own type 1 diabetes for over 40 years with low carbohydrate) in an effort to educate and inform. They also discuss the common myths that circulate about low carbohydrate diets and type 1 diabetes and so much more. 

RD Dikeman is a theoretical physicist and producer of Dr. Richard Bernstein’s Diabetes University, a series of free videos on YouTube on how best to manage diabetes. He’s also co-founder of TYPEONEGRIT, an awesome Facebook group for folks aged between one to 81, following Dr. Bernstein’s low carb approach to achieving healthy, normal, non-diabetic blood sugars