Dr. Marco Altini - Unveiling the Science Behind Heart Rate Variability

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Marco Altini, PhD, on heart rate, heart rate variability, stress and lifestyle. They discuss HRV, what it means, what affects it, how it is measured and the best conditions for doing so. They talk about the impact diet can have on HRV and sex related differences, whether or not these are clinically meaningful. They discuss also HRV Biofeedback and the impact that simple actions we can take for improving our stress response and HRV. Finally they also talk about wearables and the limitations (and benefits?) of tracking sleep.

Marco holds a PhD in applied machine learning, a M.Sc.  in computer science engineering, and a M.Sc. n human movement sciences and high-performance coaching.
He has published more than 50 papers and patents at the intersection between physiology, health, technology, and human performance.
He is co-founder of HRV4Training, advisor at Oura, guest lecturer at VU Amsterdam, and editor for IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine. He loves running.