Level Up - with multisport world champion Simone Maier

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Simone “Speedy” Maier. The five-time Coast to Coast champion (winning it in her fastest time ever this year) talks about what makes her tick, what helps her train, her diet, the lessons she’s learned through the adversities she has overcome and her plans for the future, including her own goals, her coaching and A Level Up, her company set up with a fellow multisport friend, Emily Wilson

Simone https://www.simonemaier.co.nz/
Coaching email: simonemaiercoaching@gmail.com
A Level Up https://www.alevelup.co.nz/ 

Simone Maier is one of the world’s top adventure and multisport racers and your current Adventure and Multisport World Champion and she also has a GODZone Adventure Race win to her name in 2019 and many more….her list of achievements are endless ;-).

She is based in Wanaka, New Zealand where she has over the years accumulated a vast skill set and condensed them down into outdoor courses and coaching.

Simone offers coaching from any level up in all multisport disciplines and also caters for the elite performers, she is able to tailor a program or a course to your needs.

Simone has a unique approach to the way she teaches which has become legendary around these parts because she brings her quirky and lighthearted personality to keep the vibe high and keep you inspired to push on whilst imparting valuable knowledge