Dr Marcus Hawkins - using low carbohydrate diets in general practice

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Dr Marcus Hawkins, general practitioner and collaborator in using low carbohydrate diets to improve health amongst his patients. They discuss his approach, and his patient’s willingness, and the success that he has seen. They discuss his introduction to the approach, his research in the field and why he thinks the NZ guidelines are slow to move in the face of emerging research that clearly shows a benefit. They also discuss Marcus’ thoughts on the ancestral diet for Maori in New Zealand and how the modern diet played a detrimental role in the overall health outcomes.

Dr Marcus Hawkins is a GP in Botany Downs who has spent over 30 years practising medicine, the first 15 as a hospital-based doctor and the next 15 years as a family physician in both the UK & New Zealand. He  discovered the low-carb, keto diet in 2017 first through the movie The Magic Pill and then through his own extensive reading and research. I have become a passionate advocate for low-carb and keto eating. I am convinced it is the best way of eating for humankind and is based on good scientific evidence