Empowering Women: The Benefits of Building Muscle with Brandon DaCruz

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to returning guest Brandon DaCruz about muscle mass and women, specifically why females should consider spending some time building muscle and chasing strong, rather than always trying to get smaller. They discuss the primary benefits of muscle, why it aids in building a more resilient metabolism, how the diet should be adjusted to support muscle mass building, how hormones affect this and much more. 

Brandon DaCruz at his website https://www.brandondacruzfit.com/, and on Instagram @brandondacruz_

Brandon DaCruz is an online nutrition and physique coach and sports nutritionist. He’s also a National Level NPC physique competitor and an internationally published fitness model who’s written articles and filmed educational content for publications like Men’s Fitness Magazine and Bodybuilding.com. 

Brandon has spent over 12 years  working within the sports nutrition and fitness industries and has coached every type of client including Olympia Level professional men’s physique competitors, college athletes, MMA fighters, CrossFit competitors, and lifestyle clients. 

He believes in blending what’s been proven in the research with his own anecdotal and first hand "in the trenches'' experience to improve body composition, optimise performance and enhance health in order to help his clients achieve their goals whether that be building muscle, losing body fat, increasing performance and/or optimising health and longevity. This is what he refers to as his health-centric coaching model as he believes that improving one's health is the cornerstone to optimising their physical goals.