Mini Mikkipedia - on my mind this week

People say that age is just a number. And I agree - it's how you live your life that determines how young or old you are. Part of that is of course what you eat. How you eat. How much you eat. And how you feel. On that note, in celebration of my 47th birthday, I'm giving you 47% OFF my subscription plans until end of play Monday.

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Also - because I like to share what's on my mind... here's 47 things I've been thinking about.
  1. Eating: is always ‘opportunity cost’ 
  2. Most people need to eat more protein
  3. Some women are afraid to eat meat for fear of gaining weight
  4. There are good and bad foods, and eating them doesn’t make you a good or bad person
  5. It’s not enough to eat one of those steam locked bags of vegetables at dinner and call it ‘good’
  6. Weetbix shouldn’t be a meal. Neither should toast
  7. Sometimes ‘good enough’ isn’t actually good enough - to reach your goals you have to do better
  8. You can’t get everything you need from food
  9. The people that take notice of the ‘eat less red meat’ messages are those that need to eat it the most
  10. Most people could do with eating less carbs
  11. 20g of protein in a meal is not a high protein meal
  12. Most people under-report the amount of alcohol they drink
  13. For most people, they don’t need to be perfect, they just need to be consistent
  14. Don’t rely on one source of truth for your nutrition advice
  15. Getting your nutrition advice from someone whose course was a week long is fine, until something goes wrong.
  16. Why call it a ‘cheat meal’ if you’re only ‘cheating’ yourself
  17. If you have toast for breakfast and a sandwich for lunch, you need to rethink your nutrition strategy
  18. Those small tins of tuna/salmon are not a high protein option
  19. Most people have an opinion on nutrition because they eat. 
  20. You can’t be healthy at any size if you don’t exercise
  21. Those snack choices on a short haul flight are unnecessary and you don’t need to be eating a cookie
  22. If you care about your cholesterol, cut down on your carbohydrate intake
  23. Not everyone needs to lower their saturated fat intake
  24. In nutrition, there are people and organisations who have an agenda that isn’t related to your health
  25. Red meat isn’t high in saturated fat, actually
  26. Most processed food doesn’t contain saturated fat as it’s quite expensive
  27. If you don’t exercise, you aren’t healthy, even if you are lean
  28. You don’t need to be entertained by every single meal
  29. Family history is a big predictor in a lot of disease-states, however your genes are not your destiny
  30. It’s never too late to change
  31. Be wary of anyone who speaks in black and white, and won’t change their opinion in the face of new information
  32. Cardio is really important for your heart and long term health and it’s wise to do that alongside your resistance training
  33. Muesli bars/granola bars aren’t a good snack choice
  34. If you live in NZ you need to take a vitamin D supplement and you need more than the dose that we are allowed to sell
  35. Most people don’t need to snack, but athletes could do with that fourth eating opportunity
  36. The iron supplement you get from your doctor is not the only choice for iron
  37. Why are there ‘kids menus’ at restaurants?
  38. Your high blood pressure is as likely linked to a high carbohydrate load as it is your salt intake
  39. Some women train just fine fasted
  40. For some people, intermittent fasting is the best approach, even if they are women
  41. Fruit isn’t a health food for some people
  42. Butter trumps margarine
  43. Your cholesterol level is less important than what your doctor thinks it is
  44. Most people need a magnesium supplement 
  45. Keto for fat loss is not a high fat diet
  46. You can’t get fit by eating differently. You have to exercise
  47. ‘Everything in moderation’ isn’t true for everyone

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