Episode 200! - Grant Schofield back to discuss the future of medicine

This week, for our 200th episode, Mikki brings back her first guest on the show, Professor Grant Schofield, to get an update on his most recent project, a new book looking at the Future of Medicine.

As always, this is an informative and informal chat about health, nutrition, lifestyle and wellness with a ton of practical tips that the listener can take away.

Grant Schofield is the Professor of Public Health at Auckland University of Technology, Director of the University’s Human Potential Centre, former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Ministry of Education in New Zealand, co-author of four best-selling books and Chief Science Officer for PREKURE.
Professor Grant’s career has focused on preventing the diseases of modern times, and seeing what it takes to help people live a long, healthy and happy life.
He lives and breathes the motto “be the best you can be”, and sees this as a game-changer for the health system – capable of transforming the current health (sickness) model, to one in which we aspire to be well. He is redefining public health as the science of human potential; the study of what it takes to have a great life.
Grant is well known for thinking outside the box and challenging conventional wisdom in nutrition and weight loss, as well as physical activity and exercise.
He brings his fluency across several scientific disciplines – from human physiology, to psychology, to peak performance – to his role at PREKURE, where he delivers world class training in lifestyle medicine

Grant’s What the Fat books can be sourced here: https://profgrant.com/books/

You can find Grant through the following avenues.
Grant Schofield Blog: https://profgrant.com/
Human Potential Centre, AUT University: https://humanpotentialcentre.aut.ac.nz/

Contact Mikki:

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