Fatigue in the endurance athlete - Dr Guillaume Millet

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This week on the podcast Mikki speaks to Guillaume Millet about the endurance athlete. They discuss factors which determine success, how important VO2 max is for someone going long,  Guillaume’s flush model and what creates fatigue, how we might train to be better athletes and build resilience against fatigue.

Dr. Guillaume Millet, PhD, is a professor at Jean Monnet University in Saint-Etienne.
From 1998 to 2013, he held various academic positions in France, including a 4-year full-time research contract at the French National Institute for Medical Research (INSERM).
In 2013, he moved to the University of Calgary where he directed a research team of ~15 trainees, the Neuromuscular Fatigue Lab. He also was Vice-Chair Research of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology from 2014 to 2016.
Back to France in 2018, he received a very competitive IDEXLYON fellowship (1,16 million €), a program that aims to attract outstanding scientists with a strong international track record and now leads the ActiFS (Physical Activity, Fatigue, Health) academic chair.
Prof. Millet was named at the Institut Universitaire de France as a Senior member in 2019 and director of the inter-university Laboratory of Human Movement Biology in 2020.
His general research area investigates the physiological, neurophysiological and biomechanical factors associated with fatigue, both in extreme exercise and in patients (neuromuscular diseases, cancer, ICU). His research is focusing on understanding fatigue in order to create tailored rehabilitation programs for clinical populations in order to enhance patients’ quality of life.
In July 2021, he had published 5 books and 260 journal articles (cited > 10,700 times), his H index was 55. He has supervised 37 postdoctoral fellows and PhD students coming from 13 different countries and he served as an external reviewer for over 60 PhD candidates. Guillaume has been an invited speaker ~ 137 times in 17 different countries.